The documentary is of  reflexive nature because the documentary maker’s participation is evident especially when he is physically seen to be engaging with the participants. Although for most part it is reflexive I found the “voice-of-God” element embedded in a very discrete way. The author seems to allow different view points when in fact he is reinforcing his phobia about cyberspace.In many instances it seems he is offering leading questions to the participants.

The reconstructions were quite graphic especially the “child in the room with the computer” cements the fact that although the children or the adolescents are in a familial atmosphere, they are still unsafe. Especially where one grieving father described his son’s suicide with “no physical being pushing him”.

There most definitely is a logical construction of events starting from face to face bullying to cyber bullying. The pervasive nature of social media and technology. His depiction of the virtual realm is interesting.

It’s like he has made the decisions. There is no room for us to reflect on the positive aspects of cyberspace again questioning the mode – an expository mode.So I think the doco is a hybrid of reflexive and expository.

I do feel manipulated since the negativity in the doco is quite overwhelming. The negative metaphor of the internet being a “toilet door” will frighten a lot of kids, parents and society on the whole. I guess this doco will definitely play with the fears of parents and educational institutions.

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