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I had an interesting chat with a fellow RMIT-ian. We just met and we and he was interested to know the subjects that I am dealing with.There are two things that I wanted to analyse.

1. When I told him that my documentary was based on a church his response was – “if I formed the audience then the doco would interest me”. Documentaries, according to him should be made for the public in general. This made me question the ethics of my documentary making.To me my documentary brings out the external conflict faced by the Christian community in my church.

If I chose to do a documentary simply to make it popular – or to have a larger group of audience –  then doesnt that destroy the very essence of documentary making ?

2.Who will be my audience then? What ages will I appeal to through this doco?

  1. I am making it for myself first – to establish my idenitity
  2. For my lecturer of course
  3. For future reference  – students doing research in stigmatization maybe interested

It brings me to my final question ..

Why is a religious community isolated and branded as uninteresting?

Is it one of the normless consequences of addicting technologies and social media that makes man feel empowered and makes him feel as though he is “SUPERMAN”? That he doesn’t need God anymore?

Or is it the hype that has been created by media focusing on the sensational bits of information on religion available around the world that has caused this detachment…?

There is an interesting connection between revolution and Christianity. The Gutenburg revolution was primarily used to print Bibles and papal slips(apparently the belief was that these slips were used by rich people to reduce their time in purgatory.The revolution created a detachment from the “Mother Church” – the Catholic church and gave rise to Protestants.

A similar media revolution is happening now – the Media Revolution and it seems that there is a growing detachment from religion itself and giving rise to Godlessness in the society and community.I wonder if this is a reason for communities to fall apart?