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Hello , Namaste , Bonjour,Vanakkam… all

Hello all.

The past two week have been all about adapting into various communities. First of all ” The RMIT Community” and then it was “The Australian Community”. Now it’s time to show my commitment to my “Blogging Community”. It’s been a  very busy week for me. But not a single day went by without me thinking about the word ” community”. Being a “logophile” which can be interpreted as a Lover of Words, although my first language is not English, my initial reaction was to look it up the dictionary.

Origin and What is the meaning of Community ?

Dating back to the late 14th century the word Community was derived from

  1. French communite ,
  2. Latin – Communitatem.
  3. Latin word Communis which means common , public , general, shared by all or many.

More later…