Topics Of Interest

Right now I am considering the following Communities.

1.Deer Park Community –

Illegal Drag Racing or Good Parenting Vs. Smacking

Both are controversial subjects with a drama element and hence I think either of them will be good for a doco. Illegal Drag Racing has a bit of adventure, danger. As I thought over it I made a decision not to pursue it mainly because I think it would be unsafe for me to interview those who do do them or take photos or a video or audio when they are in action.

Good Parenting Vs. Smacking is a safe topic for me. I read an article regarding Smacking  and I was surprised. I was curious regarding what people had to say in the community or in society.Whether living in a rural or urban area had a role with smacking. Back in India it is perfectly normal to discipline the children with a smack. It is the right of every parent to do so to curb their unruly behavior.

2.Christian Community –

Lifespring Church Of Christ, Caroline Springs

I belong to this Church and I know its a community. The drama element here being the following.

  • How the Meetings, Doctrine,Sermons, Praise and Worship  challenge people in their everyday life.
  • How the Meetings, Doctrine,Sermons, Praise and Worship challenge people in their relationship with God
  • How the Meetings, Doctrine,Sermons, Praise and Worship people are challenged when it comes to adapting the sermon in the surrounding environment , workplace, neighborhood and relationships.

More later…


What Is A Community ?

The Symbolic Construction Of Community gave me a clear idea of what community means.

  • It exists as something for people ‘to think with’.
  • It represents a melee of symbols.
  • The commonality need not be a uniformity.
  • Doesn’t integrate rather aggregates – not incorporate into a larger unit or coordinate rather gather into a whole.
  • There is no cloning of behavior and ideas.
  • Some communities do not really exist and are a mere rhetoric.
  • Its a reality , a kinship , invested with all sentiment attached to kinship.
  • Its more than oratorical abstraction , it hinges crucially on consciousness.
  • It serves a similar need.
  • It is malleable and it can accommodate people without losing their individuality.

Observations :

Observation 1 : So to belong to a community I needn’t change who I am . I can just be myself – which means a freedom to express myself in thought, word and deed. But this brings me to question. By belonging to a community do I get totalitarian control over my freedom? Every community has rules. Rules which every individual has to adhere to. Rules may vary from following a dress code to being an active member to pursuing a hobby or living in the same area etc .Rules may be verbal or electronic or written.

Observation 2 :

How are the thoughts of people belonging to a community? Do they think alike, share the same view or opinion ? Not necessarily. I can belong to a blogging community and write about the East. Another person can write about the West and belong to the same blogging community.Its not the content that we write that matters. To belong to a blogging community it is necessary to blog intermittently or rarely.

Observation 3 :

How real is it? I believe communities are present virtually or physically. A community can either be legal or illegal.

Observation 4:

There exists kinship. By kinship I mean a certain kind of affinity, a similitude. Without the emotional connection the person might as well cease to be called a member of the community. Can people of the same bloodline exist in the same community ? Yes. Can people of the same bloodline comprise a community. No. f all the members are of the same bloodline then they are called family and not community.A family is defined as  “Those who descend from one common progenitor; a tribe, clan, or race; kindred; house; as, the human family; the family of Abraham; the father of a family.”

Observation 5 :

How many people constitute a Community?Certainly no individual can stand like an island and proclaim himself as a community. Two perhaps ? There is no definitive answer after all. Seems like I need to put more thought into this one.

Observation 6 :

Why was the word Community created ? To create a sense of belonging and identity.  The words of  Mitsugi Saotome speak for themselves.

“If you were all alone in the universe with no one to talk to, no one with which to share the beauty of the stars, to laugh with, to touch, what would be your purpose in life? It is other life, it is love, which gives your life meaning. This is harmony. We must discover the joy of each other, the joy of challenge, the joy of growth.”

More Observations to come….

Hello , Namaste , Bonjour,Vanakkam… all

Hello all.

The past two week have been all about adapting into various communities. First of all ” The RMIT Community” and then it was “The Australian Community”. Now it’s time to show my commitment to my “Blogging Community”. It’s been a  very busy week for me. But not a single day went by without me thinking about the word ” community”. Being a “logophile” which can be interpreted as a Lover of Words, although my first language is not English, my initial reaction was to look it up the dictionary.

Origin and What is the meaning of Community ?

Dating back to the late 14th century the word Community was derived from

  1. French communite ,
  2. Latin – Communitatem.
  3. Latin word Communis which means common , public , general, shared by all or many.

More later…