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The documentary that I liked

During the rough cut session I liked a Jewish documentary. It was very professional though themes were missing yet it was enjoyable. I have always wanted to explore  a Jewish community because of the link that Christ has with the Jews. He came for them yet was rejected. It is because of them, the gentiles – people apart from the Jews, that we received salvation through Christ.

And I realised that communities in Australia are harder to access because the communities are more insular.I maybe wrong. In India it is different. Access to most communities can be established easily.


My war against Facebook

And so I have declared war on facebook. I have deleted my albums and will no more be an active member. Facebook can never be a community but a pain. And it is all evident now in the problems that the social media is facing. There is a price to pay and letting go of boundaries will challenge the identity of a person and eventually may put the life of the person at risk..

Belonging to every community there will be problems but problems in the physical can be dealt with by moving away or responding to it. But virtually it becomes harder to manage reputations.

Doco Review

Next time I should remember to slow down the speed of visuals and remember not to use too many images. To read a word a human being takes upto 3 seconds. This was an issue in my documentary. I got carried away by the amount of great looking images available.


I did it. There is a feeling of nostalgia is as though an integral part of me is over and I have to move on. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience as I knew I would.