Defining a single theme

What is my theme? The documentary centers on Christianity more. The conflict is the stigma.It is about a community. The linking back of the conflict to the community is in how they deal with the conflict as a community.So here as a community they are informed in church through sermons or meetings or cell groups they attend that it is normal to be stigmatized. They share with each other and pray for and with each other in cell groups.So they are able to tackle stigma better than those who do not believe in the power of sharing, participation or fellowship.

Fellowship is an aspect of true democracy. The free dictionary defines it as “the companionship of individuals in a congenial atmosphere and on equal terms”.

But according to my script I talk about how the leader – Christ is stigmatized. The cross itself was a sign of stigma.But although in the religion and to others the symbol is now one of victory and glory – the members are still being stigmatised. They dont fight it. But allow it to transform them. To test them and make them stronger.

So my message is “Overcoming evil with good.”

But I wonder if it is applicable universally?

The believers have verses to support the message of “overcoming evil with good”. But what about the rest of the world who have not accepted Christ.It is human nature to give “eye for an eye”.

But I could conclude saying community support which I define as fellowship is good because belonging to a good community is beneficial where people dealing with stigma, bullying or ailments can be empowered to become over-comers.

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